Sep. 28th, 2016

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Hope you’re all enjoying the Fling so far! To take our theme of change in an other-worldly direction, we’re asking you to imagine this scenario: Wilson contracts some affliction, or comes in contact with a mysterious substance (possibly put in his drink by House), that gives him a supernatural ability. He could develop psychic visions, superhuman senses or strength, the ability to communicate with the dead, or the power to heal with his touch—to name a few possibilities.

Your challenge is to write a fic of any length, taking the supernatural theme in any direction: Wilson might find his new situation distressing and go into denial. He might exhaust himself trying to save the world. You see where this is going.

We (and Wilson) can't wait to witness your supernormal storytelling skills.
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We've told you our theme for this event is changes, as in the change of seasons and changes in Wilson, but our writing prompts wouldn't be complete without an AU challenge. You can fill in any way you like, with a poem, filk, cartoon, drabble, or epic.

Wilson isn't a doctor...but he needs one.