Oct. 3rd, 2016

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Hi everyone! To kick off week two of our Fall Fling, we have another challenge/activity for you.

Canon had plenty of illness, heartache, projectile vomiting and bleeding from various orifices. Most often, Wilson avoided the brunt of the storm—which simply cannot stand.

The idea here is to reimagine an affliction that affected a patient, House or one of his team members, and give it a Sick-Wilson spin.

You can participate in two ways: Comment below to offer canon scenarios you’d like to see revamped, and/or answer the challenge by writing a drabble or fic.

[livejournal.com profile] yarroway will be by today with more Fall fun!
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What changes did we see Wilson go through on the show, or did he end up pretty much where he began? Were there changes that we wanted to see, but didn't? If you could change one thing that happened (i.e., Victoria bit him instead of Foreman)--or didn't (i.e., Amber didn't die)--to Wilson on the show, what would it be? Would that have changed anything else that happened?