Oct. 7th, 2016

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Author: Readingrat
Length: ~ 8 k, 5 Chapters
Genre: supernatural (kinda a given), friendship
Characters: House, Wilson, cameo appearances of the team and Cuddy
Setting: spanning canon
Rating: general
Warnings: major character deaths implied! This is not a 'happy' fic!
Summary: Wilson's reaction to a cancer patient's unexpected survival makes House suspicious. He asks a few questions, but the more he finds out, the less he likes the answers.

Written for the Supernatural!Wilson challenge at sick_wilson's Fall Fling.

Beta'd by menolly_au who was unflappable as usual when I inundated her with a lot of words at extremely short notice (read: no notice whatsoever).

The Price of Healing: Chapter 1
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Hi all,

As our Fall Fling event comes to a close we thought we'd make the last activity a discussion about the types of future events you would like to see.

Would you like to see shorter events? Longer events? More often? Less often? One-off type challenges during the year? Are there are any activities that you'd especially like to see? Which challenges/activities are your favourites? Is there anything we could do to increase participation? Pretty much anything you'd like to tell us we'd like to hear!

Just don't tell us that Wilson has suffered enough and we should leave the poor guy alone :-)