Dec. 14th, 2016

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Title: A Leg to Stand On (Chapter Two of Three maybe Four)
Summary: I’ve been rewatching season 7 and cringing. So I changed things up a bit. Hose’s surgeon makes a logical decision and amputates. Wilson, still depressed over losing Sam (and House), is left to pick up the pieces. Without his right leg, House can’t drive a car. So no jail. Cuddy will probably still leave but I’m not sure. Right now it’s a close friendship piece but everything is leading up to slash. Oh, and I’m messing with the timeline. It’s mid October in this chapter.
Rating: PG for mild swearing and drug use but overall pretty mild. I might change it later.

Chapter One

“It took me a year to believe it was over.
It took me two more to get over the loss.
I took a beating when you wrote me those letters,
And every time I remembered the taste of your
lipgloss,” Steven Page and Ed Roberts

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Hi all,

Just to let our members know that [ profile] hughville over at[ profile] house_memories is running a series of challenges once a week during December with the general theme of Winter/ Winter Holidays.

This weeks challenge can be found here !