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Community Guidelines/General Info

Welcome to the Sick!Wilson Emergency Shelter, our cozy little home away from home where you can get your sick!Wilson fix when LJ is down.

Like any emergency shelter, it doesn't have all of the comforts of home.  But we do have lots of fics, poems, filks, fanart, podfics, screencaps, and fanvids that we were able to find on non-LJ sites.  We even have flashlights to help you find your way around, as well as sleeping bags, hot coffee, and lots of cookies to try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. :)

You're welcome to cross-post your fics and other submissions here.  We just ask that you follow the same rules and guidelines below that you would at our main site.

So come hunker down with us while the LJ storm is raging, and help yourself to the delicious sick!Wilsony goodies. :)


  1. We love Wilson with all of our hearts, and welcome a diversity of sick!Wilsony goodness.  And while we shamelessly encourage you to inflict all sorts of physical and/or emotional suffering upon our favorite oncologist, we ask that you do so out of affection for a deeply flawed, complex character.  No Wilson-bashing fics or other material, please.  Remember, we hurt Wilson out of love, not anger, hatred or resentment.

  2. Be respectful of others, and play nice in the sandbox.  Personal attacks, flaming, trolling, spamming, harassing the mods, and other obnoxious behavior will result in banishment from the community.

Posting Entries to the Emergency Shelter

  1. If you use a fake cut to link to your fic or other submission, it must be posted to a non-LJ site, e.g., your Dreamwidth journal, FanFiction. Net, Archive of Our Own, etc.  Otherwise that defeats the whole purpose of posting to our emergency shelter. ;-)

  2. All posts must be easily accessible to our members.  Don't use a fake cut to link to an f-locked entry on your personal Dreamwidth journal, or to a site that's restricted and/or requires registration.

    If the material contains adult themes, or you just feel more comfortable having an additional layer of security for whatever reason, you're welcome to post the actual content here as an f-locked entry so any member who's logged in can see it.

  3. We respectfully ask that you please place the following items under a cut:
    • Fics
    • Lengthy discussion posts
    • Large and/or multiple images that would screw up the formatting on our emergency site
    • Anything that might be considered NSFW
    If you post your entry using the HTML tab, Dreamwidth uses <cut> and </cut> as the opening and closing tags for cuts.  But if you forget and use the tags you'd use on LJ, DW will probably let you get away with it, and won't whack you over the head with a frozen flounder or anything. ;-)

  4. Please be sure to include a warning in your header if your fic contains disturbing themes and/or possible triggers, e.g., character death, graphic violence, non-consensual sexual situations, etc.

  5. If there's anything in your header that you feel may ruin a plot twist or other surprise, please put it under the cut or a spoiler bar.

    There isn't a way to do this yet using the Rich Text tab, at least not that we could find. :(

    But if you click the HTML tab, you can add the following code around your spoilery text like this:

    <span style="color: #000000; background-color: #000000">spoilers</span>

    So your text will look like this:


    You can use any color you want for your spoiler bars.  You just have to make the text the same color as the background.

  6. Tag your posts.  If you don't see the tag you need here, please PM one of the mods and we'll see what we can do. :)

  7. If you post a multi-part fic, please link your chapters.  If you don't know how, the process is pretty much the same as in this illustrated step-by-step tutorial.  You just skip the first part re: removing the LJ link.

  8. If you forget to put something under a cut, or if your post contains significant formatting problems, material that the mods and/or community deem offensive or objectionable, or anything that's a violation of our community guidelines, the mods reserve the right to delete it, or ask you to edit your post.

Activities and Community Pimpage

Since this is just an emergency shelter, we ask that you please not post any challenges, contests, activities, or announcements/pimpage re: other comms here.  Those that meet our criteria should be posted to the main comm, where more people are likely to see them. :)

How to Change Your Site Skin

If you love our little emergency shelter, but aren't too crazy about Dreamwidth's red color scheme for non-customized pages (such as the ones in our archives), here's a quick tutorial to help you change your site skin to something that's more your cup of tea. :-)