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Happy Halloween

It's Halloween, and we here at Sick_Wilson want to give you a treat.

So here are two pictures one of our members shared with us (thanks, [ profile] blackmare!) 



As you can see the store has a lot more than books. These are pics of a RL spooktacular place called The Book Trader, but you can rename it anything you like (just as examples, Princeton Plainsboro Trading Post or Cameron's Curiosity Shoppe). Whatever you call it, to us it looks like the perfect setting for a Halloween sick!Wilsony adventure.

What do you think House and/or Wilson might be doing here? Do he/they go in, and if so, why? What happens next? Respond to the pictures with your ideas below. Share your ideas, create a pic, or write anything from a 3 sentence story to an epic.

A few starter ideas

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Things House might have found in that shop:

Musical stuff. A record from someone nobody ever heard of. An old guitar, or harmonica, or even a vintage guitar pick, perhaps on a keychain.

Books, obviously. Some old fusty medical tome, wouldn't have to be very antique; a text from the '60s perhaps, with something hidden inside it. A letter, a fragment of chemistry work, a scrawled map of Princeton of years past, with something marked.

Those freaky palmist's hand models and the blank-eyed phrenology heads. House would get a kick out of both, as reminders that human beings basically never know the things they think they know, and also, CREEPY.

RE: A few starter ideas

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He actually does have a phrenology head, in the larger office.

RE: A few starter ideas

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So the trouble could start when he decides he wants a second one for home, perhaps to use as a bookend. :-D

"This one's in German," he says.

"Gonna collect the whole set?"

Actually the other possibility is that House (regardless of what he buys) also steals something from the shop. Something small enough to slip into his pocket, something he thinks won't be noticed or missed. An old bookmark, or a loose page from a vintage magazine, or a lonely, tiny toy soldier from some long-forgotten game, tossed into a basket full of Assorted Buttons, 50 cents ea.

He has no idea what is actually meant by that worn old hand-lettered sign that reads SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PERSECUTED.

He thinks someone just didn't know the right word.

Edit: Whatever persecutes House would also go after Wilson, because Wilson saw House take the thing, or House showed him soon after, and Wilson didn't make him put it back. They are, it would seem, equally guilty.

And it's possible the sign reads SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE SORRY.
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RE: A few starter ideas

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I like it :)

RE: A few starter ideas

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Run with any of it if you like. I really really need to be working instead -- it's going to be a fairly insane week for me -- so chances I can do much with it are slim.

RE: A few starter ideas

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My first thought was that this was a book shop right out of a [ profile] nightdog_barks or Blackmare story!
House can't be the owner of the shop, because there's a sign that reads "Come in, glad to help, just ask". But he is drawn to those heads in the window. They 're busts, but in the back are some real ones, and the people they belonged to did not die natural deaths.
The wart hog is actually a baby auroch, extinct for thousands of years, but only House recognizes this.
House pokes through the shop until the owner appears and shows him a book, telling him it's the one he will need. And refuses to accept payment for it.
He returns the next week but the shop is gone, and no one else remembers having seen it.

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My knowledge ends there, if you or someone else wants to answer, please do.

RE: A few starter ideas

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...this scenario sounds very much like the Vampverse, like they've stumbled into an Alchemist's shop. I'm not saying it is, just that it could be. :-D

He probably needs the book in order to stop whatever is about to go very very wrong with Wilson, but IDK what that would be. Or what the book is.

RE: A few starter ideas

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Maybe it will come to you one day...

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You know what really puzzles me most about those windows is the goats. I've been in a lot of second-hand bookshops and I've yet to see even a single goat in one, let alone two...

Because we've been on an AU kick lately my mind immediately went to House as the eccentric bookstore owner and Wilson as the bewildered customer who stumbles into the shop one day (maybe he's just been mugged on the street and he comes in to ask to use the phone...)

Other than that maybe one of those trinkets in the window is a magical time travelling device (or cancer curing...) that the storekeeper presses on our guys ...

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ALSO THE HOG (warthog? I'm not sure). I mean, WTF?

...the place could be called The Book Hog. LOL.

Okay okay I'll go to work now okay.

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I didn't mention that one because I wasn't sure WTF it was :)

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Maybe the boar comes after you if you shoplift or otherwise annoy the owner.

So like, 10 seconds after House enters the shop? And of course poor Wilson gets caught by the boar instead of House...

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Ah, jeez. I had a whole thing about the elephant in the room...until i read that it was a boar.

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It could be an elephant! A miniature replica.

The photos are just a starting point.

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I did a thing. No elephants, though. But contains warthogs. (also, wrote it in an hour, so...)