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Hi all,

As our Fall Fling event comes to a close we thought we'd make the last activity a discussion about the types of future events you would like to see.

Would you like to see shorter events? Longer events? More often? Less often? One-off type challenges during the year? Are there are any activities that you'd especially like to see? Which challenges/activities are your favourites? Is there anything we could do to increase participation? Pretty much anything you'd like to tell us we'd like to hear!

Just don't tell us that Wilson has suffered enough and we should leave the poor guy alone :-)
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Author: Readingrat
Length: ~ 8 k, 5 Chapters
Genre: supernatural (kinda a given), friendship
Characters: House, Wilson, cameo appearances of the team and Cuddy
Setting: spanning canon
Rating: general
Warnings: major character deaths implied! This is not a 'happy' fic!
Summary: Wilson's reaction to a cancer patient's unexpected survival makes House suspicious. He asks a few questions, but the more he finds out, the less he likes the answers.

Written for the Supernatural!Wilson challenge at sick_wilson's Fall Fling.

Beta'd by menolly_au who was unflappable as usual when I inundated her with a lot of words at extremely short notice (read: no notice whatsoever).

The Price of Healing: Chapter 1

...and Thou

Oct. 5th, 2016 05:14 pm
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Rated: PG
Thanks: to Srsly_yes for her marvelous beta and to Pwcorgigirl for writing the prompt.

From [livejournal.com profile] pwcorgigirl's story beginning, here. This picks up right where she left off.

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Good morning everyone.

Today we offer you two fic fragments for you to complete in any way you choose. Fill one or both, it's up to you.

The first fragment is by [livejournal.com profile] pwcorgigirl. She set this in the 7th season episode where House diagnoses Cuddy's mother with metal poisoning from her hip implant, and along the way, he dopes the wine at the dinner table so that Wilson and Arlene Cuddy both pass out at the table.

Fragment One:

The first thing Wilson sees when he opens his eyes is a pale hand hovering six inches above his nose. He registers his roiling stomach, the hard floor under his back, and the hand is replaced by the bright blue eyes and ruffled blonde hair of Arlene Cuddy.

"Oh, no," Wilson says, but it comes out garbled, as if someone has super-glued his tongue to the roof of his mouth. Which, come to think of it, he wouldn't put past House.

The second fragment is by [livejournal.com profile] blackmare.

Fragment Two:

"How," Wilson said, and started coughing. His throat must feel like someone shoved sandpaper down it, House thought. Usually does, for a while after the tube comes out. "House? What ... I'm ...?"

"A moron."


"Oh, you meant, 'I'm in the hospital?' And yes, you are." House passed him a flimsy plastic cup, half full of water. "Because you're a moron."

"I don't remember," Wilson said. There was a pause while he took a sip, handed back the cup, and closed his eyes. "I was ... in my car." And with that, he was asleep again, leaving House with nobody to talk to.


House picked up his phone and clicked back to the traffic-cam video, playing on endless loop on the local news station's website. Every time Wilson's (small, grainy) Volvo pulled to a stop, every time Wilson extended his umbrella out the door and stepped out onto the shoulder in the rain, House wanted to be there. Stop him. Stop her.

Smoke plumed up from the hood of the woman's car, and as the wind shifted, the flames began to leap out. Wilson kept an extinguisher in his trunk, like the good Eagle Scout that he was, and he was getting it out when she walked up behind him, made one blurry motion, then another, then slammed the trunk and sped off in the Volvo.

The loop ended, every time, with IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, CALL BLAH BLAH REWARD BLAH BLAH BLAH, the words crawling slowly over the spot where Wilson lay bleeding on the asphalt.

Everything, even the growing dark blot on his white dress shirt, looked gray.


"The bitch," House said to him, "even took your damn umbrella."

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What changes did we see Wilson go through on the show, or did he end up pretty much where he began? Were there changes that we wanted to see, but didn't? If you could change one thing that happened (i.e., Victoria bit him instead of Foreman)--or didn't (i.e., Amber didn't die)--to Wilson on the show, what would it be? Would that have changed anything else that happened?
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Hi everyone! To kick off week two of our Fall Fling, we have another challenge/activity for you.

Canon had plenty of illness, heartache, projectile vomiting and bleeding from various orifices. Most often, Wilson avoided the brunt of the storm—which simply cannot stand.

The idea here is to reimagine an affliction that affected a patient, House or one of his team members, and give it a Sick-Wilson spin.

You can participate in two ways: Comment below to offer canon scenarios you’d like to see revamped, and/or answer the challenge by writing a drabble or fic.

[livejournal.com profile] yarroway will be by today with more Fall fun!
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I hope everyone is having a good time at the Sick!Wilson Fall Fling!

To finish off the first week of the Fling we have a screencap challenge for you.

Below are some lovely pictures of poor Wilson suffering. Your challenge is to find an alternative explanation for what is happening in any of the screencaps. You can do this by adding a caption or a few lines describing the scenario, writing a drabble, or even writing a full length novel if the muse moves you:) If you are the artistic kind you could even make a gif or manip of the screencap  - the choice is yours. You are encouraged to go wild with the explanations!

I have added a letter to each picture so you can reference which you are using as your inspiration. The pics are under the cut.

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We've told you our theme for this event is changes, as in the change of seasons and changes in Wilson, but our writing prompts wouldn't be complete without an AU challenge. You can fill in any way you like, with a poem, filk, cartoon, drabble, or epic.

Wilson isn't a doctor...but he needs one.
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Hope you’re all enjoying the Fling so far! To take our theme of change in an other-worldly direction, we’re asking you to imagine this scenario: Wilson contracts some affliction, or comes in contact with a mysterious substance (possibly put in his drink by House), that gives him a supernatural ability. He could develop psychic visions, superhuman senses or strength, the ability to communicate with the dead, or the power to heal with his touch—to name a few possibilities.

Your challenge is to write a fic of any length, taking the supernatural theme in any direction: Wilson might find his new situation distressing and go into denial. He might exhaust himself trying to save the world. You see where this is going.

We (and Wilson) can't wait to witness your supernormal storytelling skills.
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I just want to let everyone know abut our schedule. Unlike other sick!Wilson events, we will not be posting challenges and activities every day. The fandom has slowed down and rather than inundate you all with a short whirlwind of fun, we decided to slow down a little and spread things out over two weeks. The Fall hazards and 3 sentence challenge is still going, so poke your head in and enjoy. [livejournal.com profile] sassyjumper and I will be around tomorrow to post some new things for you to do.
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There are two things you can do here, and either one earns you a shiny autumnal badge.

First, you can think of some ways hapless oncologists could get hurt in the fall. Second, you can use your ideas or someone else's to write a 3 sentence fic about one. It's perfectly fine to re-use a prompt.

I have to run out for a bit, but I'll start us off with biting into a bad candy apple and tripping over a rake.
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No Sick!Wilson event would be complete without some festive badges for you to collect.

Nab one of the fall-themed badges below each time you complete a challenge or take part in an activity or discussion. Choose the one-star badge after you’ve completed your first mission, the two-star badge for your second, and so on.

We have a super-cute Super!Wilson badge for those who go above and beyond—to help encourage your participation.

Have at it!

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Sick!Wilson Fall Fling!

To honor the shift in seasons—and the ever-evolving ways in which Wilson can fall ill or suffer injury—our theme for this event is: Change.

There are many ways to interpret that idea. Wilson could be his hapless self in an alternate universe. He could suffer an affliction that alters his personality. He could become fed up with his life and make a transition no one expected. He could dye his hair blond and suffer the emotional fallout of House’s ridicule.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We’ll be here for the next two weeks to supply you with creative inspiration, whether you’re a writer or artist. We’ll also have some fun activities and discussion—So there will be something for every Sick!Wilson fan.

We’ll get things rolling right away. (Wilson can’t wait!) Stay tuned for a post from [livejournal.com profile] yarroway later today.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to PM any of the friendly mods here: me ([livejournal.com profile] sassyjumper), [livejournal.com profile] yarroway or [livejournal.com profile] menolly_au.

Have fun, Fling-ers!
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We're still looking for an intrepid soul to help us out with one little thing.
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We are looking for a brave volunteer to help us out a little with one activity. We promise it won't hurt...at least not anyone but Wilson! Contact me for more details.
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To celebrate the changing of the seasons we are throwing a party here on sick_Wilson. The Fall Fling will run from Monday, Sept. 26 through Friday, Oct. 7.

Come on by and say hello, chat with us, play a game or do a challenge. We have a fully stocked first aid kit for Wilson just waiting to be used. See you then!
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Announcing a new House community focused on speculative fanfiction. The [livejournal.com profile] housemd_what_if comm grew out of the House What-If Rec List project and includes fic categories such as After Death/Afterlife, Creatures/Mythical Beings, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Life-Altering Events (some sick!fic falls into this category), and many more.

To kick off the comm we have an author interview series and our first prompt table. We will be posting the author interviews periodically so you have a chance to interact with each author in the comments section. We hope you also get inspired to create and post fic, fanart, icons and/or vids in the "what-if" genre. See you there!



Mar. 22nd, 2016 08:04 am
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The Positively House/Wilson Slash Fic Challenge, currently under way at house_wilson, is open to everyone, including those who just want to read along — come on over! While it’s off to a great start, a little more Sick!Wilson couldn’t hurt, could it? Er. Unless you’re Wilson.

Rules are minimal: 500 words or more, any rating as long as it’s House/Wilson slash (doesn’t have to include Sick!Wilson just because you’re coming from here, though of course we welcome that). Post to house_wilson and anywhere else you choose. We also have a collection on AO3 that you can post to!
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Title: Stab in the Dark: Chapter Two
Summary/Additional Notes: The first chapter was all about Wilson getting seriously injured as a result of hand tremors. I decided the cause is a form of brain cancer. This chapter and the next chapter will involve the diagnosis and then I'll go through treatment and explore the House-Wilson relationship. Both romantically and as friends. I promise not to write anything too graphic as far as sex goes.  .
Warnings: Some slash but I kept it PG rated. Comments in italics are Wilson’s thoughts as he’s experiencing this.
Characters: Gregory House and James Wilson

Chapter One

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Title: Stab in the Dark
Summary: Wilson injures himself preparing dinner, and it leads to a serious situation.
Warnings: None yet, but the ending is a cliff hanger. I need to do more research before I decide what’s making Wilson’s hands tremble. Comments in italics are Wilson’s thoughts as he’s experiencing this.
Characters: Gregory House and James Wilson

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