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Title: Solstice
Authors: [ profile] nightdog_barks and [ profile] blackmare.
Characters: Wilson, House, Cuddy, Hadley (Thirteen), Taub, Foreman, a variety of OCs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No
Spoilers: None
Summary: When Wilson mysteriously disappears, House has the perfect plan to find him ... if he can just make it work.
Author Notes: This is set in the same ficverse as Take the Long Way Home, in which House is a Doctor of Divination and things are just a little bit different. Cut text is from Shakespeare's Othello.
Intrepid Readers: [ profile] pwcorgigirl

'Tis true: there's magic in the web of it ...
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Title: Stab in the Dark: Chapter Two
Summary/Additional Notes: The first chapter was all about Wilson getting seriously injured as a result of hand tremors. I decided the cause is a form of brain cancer. This chapter and the next chapter will involve the diagnosis and then I'll go through treatment and explore the House-Wilson relationship. Both romantically and as friends. I promise not to write anything too graphic as far as sex goes.  .
Warnings: Some slash but I kept it PG rated. Comments in italics are Wilson’s thoughts as he’s experiencing this.
Characters: Gregory House and James Wilson

Chapter One

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Title: Stab in the Dark
Summary: Wilson injures himself preparing dinner, and it leads to a serious situation.
Warnings: None yet, but the ending is a cliff hanger. I need to do more research before I decide what’s making Wilson’s hands tremble. Comments in italics are Wilson’s thoughts as he’s experiencing this.
Characters: Gregory House and James Wilson

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Wilson in car

This post is in response to the camp [ profile] sick_wilson picture challenge. The following are a few drabbles  that I came up with that went with the picture above. None has anything to do with the actually events of the season 8 cancer arc. I remain firmly living in the land of denial.

The drabbles are not connected, except that they go from less likely to even more less likely. It's pretty late here, that's my only excuse.

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Title: Accidents Will Happen
Author: MnstrTruckSlash
Words: about 675
Rating: G, I guess. If it were a live action movie, it would be a 20-minute long short. Because it would be shown in chronological order, it would be rated PG because there is an intense-ish electrocution scene but in writing form it is very tame and not terribly disturbing.
Summary: One third of accidental injuries occur in the home. Unfortunately for Wilson, several of these injuries tend to occur at once. Takes place after House and Wilson move into the loft in season six. One minor accident leads to another, which leads to another, unleashing a chain of events that just keeps getting worse and worse for Wilson.
Warnings: A tiny bit OOC, and mild, mild “violence,” and it’s kind of meta, which I like but some people don’t.
Characters: just House and Wilson again
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the show or the characters.
Author’s Note: Inspired by the fun fact of the day #2

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Title: The Real Mnstrtruckslash
Summary:  Wilson develops narcolepsy, but he’s convinced it was caused by House slipping him drugs again.
Warning/ Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to House, or to Wilson and I am not connected to Bryan Singer or David Shore.  It’s kind of silly on account of the prompt but it’s fun silly.  Also, totally impossible medically but that was how my prompt worked out.
Words: 200
Prompt: From the Insta-Prompt Fic Challenge.  I got “Wilson’s Stethoscope Explodes, Causing Narcolepsy.

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Title: Prize-Winning Photo
Author: Alternatealto
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating:   General audience
Summary:  With Wilson's help, House submits the best entry in a photography contest.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: House, MD belongs to David Shore, et al.; only the story is mine.
Author's Note:  Written for the Camp Sick!Wilson Drabble Challenge

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Title: Hide and Seek
Summary: On April Fool’s Day, House and Wilson’s son wanders off from daycare and sets up an experiment that ends up injuring Wilson in several ways.  Mostly minor injuries but it is quite painful nonetheless.
Prompt: For Spring Fling, I used eight spring things: Peeps, balloons, cotton candy, picnic, fire ants, sudden storms, lightening, and April Fool’s Day. I also used two fling locations: an autopsy room and Wilson’s Volvo.  I also mentioned several other fling locations, a zoo, The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, Disney World, and an all-night laundromat.

Rating: PG just to be safe but I think it’s G.
Warnings: No spoilers, but it is sort of OOC, and in an alternate universe.  Mpreg/ slash, and all my other usual stuff (no child abuse though, thankfully).
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Title: 'Tis The Season
Pairing: House/Wilson Friendship
Genre: Crack, Meta
Rating: PG
Summary: Written for the Spring Fling Challenge over at [ profile] sick_wilson. When Wilson's yearly family carnival trip goes wrong, House turns out to be more involved in the incident than Wilson thinks.
Prompts Used: (Spring): Carnival (Honorable Mention Spring):  Bees, hay fever, wasps, renewal, flowers, butterfilies (Fling): Childhood bed
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Title: Be the Ball
Author: rslhilson
Rating: T
Summary: House hits a few too many balls on the tennis court.
Spoilers: None
Pairings: H/W friendship; slash goggles optional
Warnings: None (some language)
Disclaimer: Still own nothing
Author's Note: Silly drabble written for the Sick!Wilson Spring Fling challenge (prompts: spring, tennis court). Based on a true story - my apologies again to my high school tennis coach.

( Drabble here )
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Title: 'Lil Lego Wilson.
Summary: Four separate images in which
Wilson is somehow injured or suffering from an illness.  In these
pictures Wilson and House are both (obviously) Lego people.  I even made
a little flame cane for House and found a face with big bushy eye brows
for Wilson.
Rating: G, I guess.  One is very "bloody" but it's just nail polish, so it's probably not too graphic.

At my journal
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Title: Something to Smile About
Characters: House, Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: about 2,700
Summary: Based on this prompt from [ profile] barefootpuddles in the Sick!Wilson Grab Bag: Something with a holiday party that has Wilson drinking too much - could wind up serious or very lighthearted.

Set in Season 2, when House and Wilson were living together. I know that didn’t coincide with the holidays, but let’s pretend.

Yes, Wilson, there is a Tranny Claus.
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Title: Happy Halloween
Characters: House, Wilson
Rating: PG
Summary: When Halloween mischief goes awry, someone always has to pay the price.(Dialogue-fic)
(For the [ profile] sick_wilson Halloween Fic Challenge)
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Title: Summer Time
Author: Dee Laundry
Characters: House, Wilson, Wilson's kids, Cameron
Rating: PG
Words: 3296
Summary: Some things you just shouldn't forget when packing for a trip.
Notes: This is a prequel to Unicorn Hunter but you don't have to have read that. All you need to know is that Wilson is raising two-year-old twins (and doesn't have cancer). Their mother is Cameron, but she's not the primary parent. Written for the From This Point On challenge for Camp Sick!Wilson. Un-betaed, but thank you to Nightdog for reading an early fragment.

"Leptospirosis," House said, and Wilson laughed at him.
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Title: Pools Can Be Fun
Author: jahmat
Summary: The first two weeks at camp were truly painful for Wilson. Find out how!
Spoilers: None. Well, one, but if I tell you it’ll ruin the ending!
Warnings: PG 13. Established relationship, suggestive ice cream indulgence, some M/M snuggling. Nothing overt.
Disclaimer: DS and Fox own everything House. I’d like to lease RSL, but you can’t always get what you want!

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I know that the Camp Sick!Wilson "Turn Back the Hands of Time" Challenge is a writing challenge, and so this is not an entry for it.

But lolmac saw the image and couldn't resist captioning it for me.  And I couldn't resist posting the result!

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Title: A Touch of Gulliver
Author: Jahmat
Rating: PG, established relationship
Summary: There's something big bothering Wilson and House. Here there be nudity! As usual, it seems, from me!
Spoilers: None
Warnings: PG, established relationship.
Disclaimer: If I owned them, we'd be snuggling in my bunk! Checking around...damn, guess I don't own 'em.
Author's notes: Written for Camp Sick!Wilson’s Wild Words Drabble Challenge, Exactly 100 all-dialogue words! My first drabble!

"It's brobdingnagian!"

"It is not!"

"Come on, Wilson! I've never seen one that big before!"

"I find that hard to believe! You've been a doctor for 30 years and you've never seen one that big?"

"Honestly, Wilson, in all my years of clinic duty that is the largest one I've ever seen! We should contact the Guinness people. You'd be in the 2013 edition for sure!"

"You have got to be the most disgusting person I've ever met! Just get at it!"

"Okay,  I found a needle! Tell me again. How'd you get a blister that big on your ass?"
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