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The Emergency Room (A-E)

Suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms because you can't access your favorite sick!Wilson fics on LJ?

Stress no more, our similarly minded addicts! :D

Welcome to the Emergency Room--a collection of sick!Wilson stories that are also available on other sites.  So if LJ is down due to regularly scheduled maintenance or technical problems, hopefully this list will help to tide you over until you can get your sick!Wilson fix on our main site.

And if you know where we can find any of these wonderful morsels of sick!Wilsony goodness on a non-LJ site, please let us know, and we'll add them to this list STAT.  Because we understand how important these fics are to everyone's physical and mental health.  Well, except Wilson's. ;)

Alpha Order
By Author
Alpha Order

By Categories
  Sick!Bits - podfics, fanart, and other goodies
  Waiting Room - WIPs
  Sick!Vid Vault - fanvids
(holding area for fics w/o any known non-LJ links)

If you run across any broken or f-locked links, please leave a comment below, or PM one of the mods.  Thanks for your help!

360 by _slytherin_girl
4300 Miles by srsly_yes

"A Doctor, a Gypsy, and a Vampire Walked Into a Bar..." by srsly_yes (part of the Blood Brothers 'Verse; see profile for chronology)
Abandonment by mmorgan317
Ablepsia by travln1
Abracada...crap! by mnstrtruckslash
Absolute Fear by Lady Lex (sequel to Left for Dead)
Acceptance by BexTheLabRat
Acceptance by ggo85
Acceptance Always Comes Last by med_anomaly
Accidental by menolly_au
Accidental Injury Challenge Drabble by mnstrtruckslash
Accidentally On Purpose by pgrabia
Accidents by mmorgan317 (also see Conspiracy)
Accidents Will Happen by mnstrtruckslash
According to Freud by rslhilson
Achy Breaky Heart by mnstrtruckslash
Addicted by mnstrtruckslash
After the Fall by mer_duff
After the Fall by pwcorgigirl
Aftershocks ficverse by black_cigarette (sequel to Bad Company by nightdog_barks); click little blue right arrow at bottom of entry to advance to the next page, or click here for table of contents
Against the Current (1, 2) by mer_duff
Agitation by alternatealto
All Choked Up by pgrabia
All Good Things (1, 2, 3, 4) by rubberbutton
All Hallows' Eve by deelaundry (part of the My Fathers' Son ficverse)
All I Care About by Pompey
All I Want for Christmas by 3rdgal12
All It's Cracked Up to Be by heledren
All The Ways Duncan Changed His Life by menolly_au
All the Wrong Reasons by nightdog_barks
Alone by t_eyla
Altruism by silversolitaire
Always Tell the Truth by genagirl
Amends by mmorgan317
American Paranoia by fuckr
Analgesia by Alexandra Spar
And Rock & Roll by tasha_elizabeth
And The Winner Is... by damigella_314
And Then It Started Buzzing to the Rhythm of We Will Rock You by alanwolfmoon
And You'll Shower In The Morning by Davechicken
And You're Trying To Smile by bittereternity
Anger and Balconies by mmorgan317
Animal Crackers Drabble #1 by mnstrtruckslash
Animal Crackers Drabble #2 by mnstrtruckslash
Annals, The: An Irregular Series (1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3) by nightdog_barks
Another 97 Seconds by mnstrtruckslash
Another Chance by Rennie51 (sequel: Recovery)
Another Day, Me and You by springshine
Another Five Months by menolly_au
Anything and Everything by Enlee (sequel: The Trick is to Keep Breathing)
Apocalypse by srsly_yes
April Fools by mmorgan317
Are You OK? by alanwolfmoon
As Through Fire by pgrabia
Asphyxiation by nieded (sequel: In High Seas)
Aw, Nuts! by geekygecko
Away by alternatealto
Awkward Moments by alternatealto

Baby Steps by jennamajig
Baby Steps by rslhilson
Back in the Saddle by 1985laurie
Bad Company by nightdog_barks (sequel: Aftershocks ficverse by black_cigarette; click little blue right arrow at bottom of entry to advance to the next page, or click here for table of contents)
Bad Influence by flywoman
Bait and Switch by blackmare, perspi, and hannahrorlove
Balcony Grown by keeper_of_stars
Balls in the Air by fanficwriter101
Bang, Bang by bananacosmic
Banner Challenge Drabble #1 by fleurione
Banner Challenge Drabble #2 by cresty_on_ry
Banner Year by srsly_yes
Be Careful What You Wish For by housepiglet
Be Not Afraid by menolly_au
Be the Ball by rslhilson
Bear Who Ate The Sun, The by yarroway
Beating The Hell Out by pgrabia
Beating the Odds by pgrabia
Beautiful Idea, A by _slytherin_girl
Beautiful Summer Day, A by fleurione
Bedazzled by alternatealto
Beds We Make, The by nightdog_barks
Beggar's Horse, The by nightdog_barks (sequel: A Lame Little Pony by blackmare and deelaundry)
Beneficial by pgrabia
Better Angel, The by nightdog_barks
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by pgrabia
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Pompey
Beware of The-- by blackmare
Big Baby by mnstrtruckslash
Birthday Surprise by cuddyclothes
Birthdays Are Meaningless by alanwolfmoon
Blackjack by sydpenguinbunny (2nd of 2 sequels to Time Stands Still; also see Wind-Up)
Blind Spot by nightdog_barks
Blood Brothers by srsly_yes (part of the Blood Brothers 'Verse; see profile for chronology)
Bloodlines by maddoggirl
Bloody Water by alanwolfmoon
Blue Tie, The by 3rdgal12
Blues Music by alternatealto
Boating 101 by fuckr
Bombed by flywoman
Bonfire by nightdog_barks
BOO! by mnstrtruckslash
Bored! by mnstrtruckslash
Boredom at Fault by writerdot
Bound for Home by blackmare (sequel to Down to the Water)
Boy Wonder Oncologist by mnstrtruckslash
Brain Damage by fourteencandles
Brandy-Coated Whispers by keeper_of_stars
Break Point by mer_duff
Breaking Point by ana_rpm
Breathe by housepiglet
Breathing Room by genagirl
Bridge by moose_mcmoose
Broken by damigella_314
Broken Healer by Emi1988
Broken Hearted Me by pgrabia
Broken Hearts by mnstrtruckslash
Bug Bombed and Bummed by mnstrtruckslash
Bunnies and Bumper Cars by barefootpuddles
Burden of Truth, The by Macx
Burdens by rslhilson
Busted by kidsnurse

Cabins and Cripples by mmorgan317
Caged by all_things413
Camp Baldy: A Memoir By Gregory House by mnstrtruckslash
Camp Duty by joeybug
Camp Was Never Like This by menolly_au
Campfire Tales Drabble #1 by rathanylakan
Campfire Tales Drabble #3 by alanwolfmoon
Campfire Tales Drabble #4 by srsly_yes
Campfire Tales Drabble #5 by taiga13
Campfire Tales Drabble #6 by alanwolfmoon
Campfire Tales Drabble #7 by rathanylakan
Campfire Tales Drabble #9 by srsly_yes
Campfire Tales Drabble #10 by heledren
Campfire Tales Drabble #12 by alanwolfmoon
Campground, The by alternatealto
Camping - It's As Easy as ABC by menolly_au
Cancer Drabbles, The by mnstrtruckslash
Candy for Strangers by sassyjumper
Cane, The by nightdog_barks
Cannonball by blackmare (companion addendum: O'er the Ramparts by deelaundry)
Care by alanwolfmoon
Caring (#1) by alanwolfmoon
Carpe Diem by rslhilson
Carried by the Current by zulu
Carry Me Home by nightdog_barks
Casual Observer by Betz88
Catch Me by menolly_au
Cause and Effect by pwcorgigirl
Celebration by pgrabia (sequel to Once Bitten)
Celestial by alex_axle
Changing Pastures by nightdog_barks (sequel to A River Out of Eden by nightdog_barks and blackmare)
Charity Case by moose_mcmoose
Check Up by 2cbetter2
Chicken Soup by menolly_au
Christmas in July by sassyjumper
Christmas Spirit by shambolicasfuck
Christmas Sucks by mnstrtruckslash
Cibophobia by mnstrtruckslash
Circadian Rhythm by in_vegas_lights
Circles by alternatealto
Clarity of Thought by donutsweeper
Cliched by lynnafer
Clocks by ticcyyy
Close Call by menolly_au
Close Call by storm_seller
Cloud Illusions by geekygecko
Codependency by debbiel66
Cold by blackmare
Cold Call by nightdog_barks (can be read as a oneshot, or alternate ending to Standoff)
Cold Comfort by mer_duff
Cold Feet by sassyjumper
Cold Turkey by hwshipper
Collectively by jezziejay
Colonel Mustard with the Phone in Wilson's Office by pgrabia
Colours of Depression by haldane
Coma Boy by mnstrtruckslash
Come For a Cure by menolly_au
Comfort and Joy by foralllove
Coming Home by _slytherin_girl
Coming Home by rslhilson
Coming into Focus by genagirl
Commitment by deelaundry
Confessor by heledren
Confusion and The Waterways in Egypt by brindlewolf
Connecting the Dots by nightdog_barks and blackmare
Consequence by rividori
Consequences by sydpenguinbunny
Conspiracy by mmorgan317 (part of the Accidents Verse)
Couched in a Secret by 3rdgal12
Could You Watch Him Die? by madamwolf
Count Your Blessings by nightdog_barks
Countenance Of The Heart, The (1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10, 11) by yarroway
Covalent Bonds by sydpenguinbunny
Crash Test Dummies by maddoggirl
Crashing by mnstrtruckslash
Cripple Boys by mnstrtruckslash
Cross Over by alternatealto
Crossing Night by alternatealto
Cruel Mistress by _slytherin_girl
Cup of Kindness, A by nightdog_barks
Cure by alternatealto
Cure for Boredom, The by menolly_au
Cure for the Common Cancer by rslhilson
Cure in the Country, A by nightdog_barks
Curiosity by pgrabia

D5 by srsly_yes (sequel: The Wingman)
Daddy by mnstrtruckslash
Damaged by 3rdgal12
Dance Dance Regret by moose_mcmoose
Dangerous Ice Cream by mnstrtruckslash
Dangers of Camping, The by pgrabia
Dangers of Paperwork, The by menolly_au
Dark Depressing Hole in New Jersey, A by srsly_yes
Day Off of Sorts by brigidmn
Days of Our Lives by mnstrtruckslash
Deaductive Reasoning by srsly_yes (part of the Blood Brothers 'Verse; see profile for chronology)
Dear God, I Don't Believe In You by verbal_kint10
Death Becomes Him by pgrabia
(De)Constructed Life by keeper_of_stars
Deja View by srsly_yes
Delusions to Live By by alanwolfmoon
Desk Duty by mmorgan317
Devil Put Aside, A by nightdog_barks and blackmare
Ding-a-Ling by alternatealto
Dirty Dancing by shadowstark [f-locked S!W post]
Dirty Halos by all_things413
Disquietude by writerdot (sequels: Nothin' to Cry About, Period of Adjustment, and Moment of Peace)
Distracted Dismissal by writerdot
Divergence by nightdog_barks (sequel: Pumpkinhead)
Divine Intervention by menolly_au
DNR by storm_seller
Do No Harm by srsly_yes
Doctor's Orders by menolly_au
Doesn't Matter by writerdot
Doin' the Safety Dance by brindlewolf
Don't Feed the Dog! by xgraciela
Don't Give It Up! by xgraciela
Don't Leave Me... by xgraciela
Don't Let It Be Forgot... by srsly_yes
Doors by mmorgan 317
Double Trouble by brindlewolf
Down by antiquixotic
Down Among the Dead by nightdog_barks (epilogue by blackmare)
Down to the Water by blackmare (sequel: Bound for Home)
Downturn by rslhilson
Dr. Hannibal Lecher by hwshipper
Drawing Down the Moon by ruby_took
Dreams by alanwolfmoon
Drink to Your Health, A by shadowstark [f-locked S!W post]
Drop of Water, The by deelaundry
Drunk as a Skunk by mnstrtruckslash
Duck Duck Goose by nightdog_barks (sequel: Ugly Duckling)
Duck Tale by heledren
Duck, a Cat, and a Misunderstanding, A by pgrabia
Duckling by alanwolfmoon

Ear Infection by mnstrtruckslash
Early Morning Rush by moose_mcmoose
Earth Circles Sun by christikat
Edge, The by mer_duff
Embarrassing Enough by jennamajig
Emotions by mmorgan317
Empty by cagedwriter61
Enchanted Design by jaryn_
Enchantment's Perils by pwcorgigirl
End, The by nightdog_barks
End Game by cresty_on_ry
End of the Line by mnstrtruckslash
Enema of the State by imfreakinorange
Enough by menolly_au
Enough of the Déjà Vu by hwshipper
Escape Velocity by nightdog_barks
Essence of Friendship, The by longstrt
Evel Knievel of Oncologists, The by vurt_junkie
Evening at Luigi's, An by longstrt
Everybody Hurts by staphylococci
Everybody Lies, Everybody Dies by alex_axle
Everyday by cindy_lou_who8
Excuses, Excuses by debbiel66
Exhausted by aphroditeroslin
External Signs by mer_duff
Extra-Sensory Perception by j_daisy